Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vet/ Grandparent Visit

So Rocky went to the vet today and he was such a good boy!! He weighs 25lbs (which means I'm feeding him good!) He let the doctor do everything without a bark, whine or whimper! He got two shots and was good to go! He was such a good boy and all healthy!

Also this weekend he is staying with his grandparents as we (his parents) go to work (lucky brat). He has had no potty accidents in the house and goes right into his crate to sleep, if he has not fallen asleep on his granddaddy's lap already! He loves being here and is getting use to the new house where he will be moving to! He loves the big yard (especially the stuff he can chew)!! He has made friends with our future neighbors dogs already!! Everything is good for him! Everyone loves him and he loves everyone!! Pictures will be up soon so please stay posted!!

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  1. i am so still pees all over the house! she's just not getting it.