Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rocky Gets "Demoted"

So today Rocky starts his big boy no more puppy program! He started riding in the backseat today with his big brother Tommy. This means no more getting held in the front seat or placed in the front seat like the King of the Car!! Rocky did well on the two car rides already today and had only one mess up of trying to climb to the front seat. He doesn't seem to mind being back there with his brother! He is attached to him anyway! I mean to the point where he depends on Tommy to learn the ropes! They do really well walking together and are just great brothers! They love being around each other so much that if Tommy is not around when Rocky is awake he will not fall asleep yet Tommy surely has no problem! They love playing around and wrestling! I couldn't have asked for 2 better pups!

Rocky is doing well on training! His potty training is almost complete just minor problems still going in the crate at points during the night or long time in the crate. No more potting in the house through. He also knows sit, down and is currently working on paw! I decided to work on the basics to get him to realize his name and who is in charge! Next major training that needs to be done is bath training! This boy has had so many baths already in his life and he is horrible in the tub :(. You would think because of all the baths he would loves water yet it is not happening with him!

Here is a photo of this big boy with our pet rat Springer in his ball (who he is not fond of)
Also this big boy is a cuddlier!

Friday, May 27, 2011


Sorry about the long time no update :( First of all mommy has been busy with work and graduation she has not been able to write for me and also the blogspot has blocked me from logging on! I am doing okay but still am having issues with pottying outside. Mommy gets mad at me but I just don't know what to do. I am so in love with my brother! He is awesome, lets me wrestle with him, pull on him and try to steal my toys back! I love napping and cuddling! I am a good pup and am doing great here! My grandparents are taking my brother and I this weekend so hopefully I am good for them. They love to spoil my cutie face!

Also my mommy needs help from her fellow dog lover friends! I am going to the bathroom in my crate and then sleep in it. How can she stop this cause let me tell you the shower/ bath is evil. I hate when mom has to bathe me. She has no idea how to stop me from using the crate as a potty. She used the potty training pads but I like to chew on them (I am a teething puppy). Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Here is a photo of me in my mommy's car!! I had the whole backseat to sleep!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Amazing Story!

Check out an amazing story:

Marine gets reunited with a dog he fell in love while working on duty

Monday, May 16, 2011

Some More Photos!

Rocky and me about to leave his grandparents!!

Rocky the Movie Star! Grandpop's Glasses!

Sleepy time after running the yard!!

Look at the smile on my dad's/ his grandpop's face!


Big man sitting on the porch chair!!
Sleeping on the bed next to my nephew!

Sleeping on Grandpop's lap!!

Sitting on Grandpop's lap!!

He had a great weekend visit with his grandparents!! Last night was rough but it turned out to be a good weekend!!

 ♥ Rocky

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vet/ Grandparent Visit

So Rocky went to the vet today and he was such a good boy!! He weighs 25lbs (which means I'm feeding him good!) He let the doctor do everything without a bark, whine or whimper! He got two shots and was good to go! He was such a good boy and all healthy!

Also this weekend he is staying with his grandparents as we (his parents) go to work (lucky brat). He has had no potty accidents in the house and goes right into his crate to sleep, if he has not fallen asleep on his granddaddy's lap already! He loves being here and is getting use to the new house where he will be moving to! He loves the big yard (especially the stuff he can chew)!! He has made friends with our future neighbors dogs already!! Everything is good for him! Everyone loves him and he loves everyone!! Pictures will be up soon so please stay posted!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

I Am Home

Today was an all around great day! This whole week has been! When I came home Saturday I met my brother and my new family. I got many toys and today mommy and daddy brought me more! They got me whats called a teething ring. For some reason they don't like me nibbling on their fingers, no idea why they taste good to me! They also got me and my brother other toys including a huge tennis ball that squeaks! They also brought me a new name tag! My brother has already had one so they brought me mine! Here's a photo!
They tell me the name suits me but I dont know about that yet!
My brother just stole my toy so I am going to go get it back (maybe)! Love ya all! Keep following me and my progress at my new home!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hello Friends

Hello so Rocky's brother is enter in the Best Smile Contest. If you have a facebook page please go to
Like Pet studio page then go to Best Smile Contest 3!  My Tommy is on there for the best smile!
This link:

Rocky seems to enjoy his smile!
Also Rocky is adjusting well to being home! Loves wrestling with his older brother and getting into trouble! Today he dyed himself pink by spilling his daddy's raspberry ice tea all over himself then gave his dad a hard time about getting a bath! Also today he decided he did not want a potty pad in the crate with him so he torn it up! More updates to come for A Day In The Life as Rocky!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Note From Rocky

Hello All,
I am going to be making this short since I am tired! Today has been such a long day! I gotz to sleepz and annoy mom all day!! **wet kisses** Then mommy had a surprise for me, I got to meet my Aunt Chase! She seems okay but she has a dog around my size who I can play for now! LOL! I learned to run after a ball and everyone kept telling me not to chew and eat on stickz but they are yummy! Meeting this play mate was fun but nowz I come home to sleep. Mommy let me sleep in the front seat on the way home too- but do not tell anyone! I am really enjoying this home and it seems to be a great place to stay! Grandmoms house was nice to! I have lots of love surrounding me here!!
Thank you to everyone who follows me and loves me and got me home! I think I'll stay here for awhile- they got toyz!!

Rocky **Wet Kisses** **Nibble** (I'm a puppy what do you expect)

Waiting for daddy to get out of work!

See I gotz the ball!

Thats Logan and I switching ballz

About to go sleep next to my brother

Tommy and I- till he moved :(

Mommy just woke me up to tell me that today is mother days! Not sure what that is but happy mothers day to my momma Jade- my foster mommy Ruth- and my grandmomma Karen and my new mommy! Also happy mothers day to everyone who is a mother, soon to be moms, and my fellow woof woof moms!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rocky is Home!

Rocky is home and everything looks great! Lots of work needs to be done with this pup! Training has already started and will continue forever! A new and old dog can learn tricks! Right now it is as basic as sit, no jumping, off, and going potty outside (that seems to be the hard one)!
So what everyone loves when looking on this blog is the photos!

Note in any order! Hope you enjoy them! Talk to you all soon!