Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pirate/ Rocky's Trip

Pirate's trip starts tomorrow! He will be driving with the foster mom to a location near the pick-up, instead of driving through the night! He will leave Clermont, FL at 7:30 am on 5-5! From here he will pick up more doggy friends for the trip! They have 2 other pick up in Florida then up Route 75. He travels all day Thursday and Friday till he reaches Allentown. This is where he meets us!!! 5 am on Saturday morning in Allentown! As his other buddies continue to travel north, he will travel south for about an hour or so! This boy has a long trip so lots say our prayers for a safe delivery! They days are winding down fast! Countdown is say 4 days left!! By this time Saturday he will be with us!

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