Tuesday, June 28, 2011

End of the Month Report

Update on Rocky:
Rocky has mainly lost all his puppy teeth and all the adult teeth are looking good! He is still chewing and licking everything like crazy but we have plenty of toys for that reason. He also loves to cuddle and be the center of attention! He gets allow great with his older brother Tommy, even through he tries to push his limits with him Tommy puts him back into place. He also is gaining weight and almost able to fit into his big boy harness (still a lil big for him)! He loves his toys so much he doesn't know which to play with at times so he will gather five all together and switch playing with them every five minutes! He is a good boy in his crate at night and during the day when he have to put him in it. He even likes to walk in and out of his crate throughout the day since we leave the door open for him. He also is training my older dog Tommy that the crate isn't that bad. He loves getting his photo taken and he is so cute not to take the photos. He is still not a big fan of the bath but he will learn water = good! He knows the sit and down command and also understands wait, back and stay. He is very stubborn with performing the commands but I know he knows them! He is currently working on paw and come! He is a smart cookie but very stubborn!

All and all he is a great puppy and loving part of this family!

Friday, June 17, 2011


Today Rocky went on an adventure! He take a little road trip to my work and visited the residents! The little rockstar was awesome in there loved everyone and anyone he could see! There was a small downfall to this adventure, the rain :(. I wanted to walk Rocky before going into the facility but because it was raining he would not go so I had to hold him the entire time in the building so he would not have an accident. He is potty trained but does have accidents on a rare occasion. He was a worm the entire time I held him! He loved seeing the residents and I am sure he would of loved to meet more but there wasn't enough time. Rocky was a very well behaved boy and I am sure I will be taking him back to visit when we have more time! I also think that Tommy enjoyed the time away from his brother for the little bit! They love each other so much yet the same time they are so jealous of each other. If Tommy has a toy Rocky wants it and the same thing with Tommy wanting Rocky's toys. Also they love attention from us.

He is a perfect addition to our family!

Drinking from a taco bell cup!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lost Tooth

Rocky lost a tooth today. I am not sure if it is his first or not but he is moving away from puppy hood to adult hood so fast :( He is growing up so fast! I found the tooth when I examined his bloody toy and mouth! Here is some photos I took!

 His tooth

The red spot is where the tooth came from

Now what to do with his tooth? I know I am keeping it cause it is rare to find a puppy tooth since they usually swallow them!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Big Day

Rocky and Tommy had a big day yesterday! Both attended my graduation party and did really well! For Rocky being around a large group of people for the first time he was really well behaved. They both played, wrestled, and had a ball! Rocky tried to get some human food but once we said no he walked away! He loved getting greeted and petted by everyone who would! He did jump but not to much! Everyone was saying how good of a puppy he is and how he is so sweet and cute! He was so tired by the middle of the party yet did not want to sleep cause he was afraid he would miss something! He slept in the new house last night and was scared at first but soon slept.
The highlights of Rocky's stay at the new house last night was the huge yard, the neighbor's dog and got much more love then normal! Life was great for him yesterday!