Monday, June 6, 2011

Big Day

Rocky and Tommy had a big day yesterday! Both attended my graduation party and did really well! For Rocky being around a large group of people for the first time he was really well behaved. They both played, wrestled, and had a ball! Rocky tried to get some human food but once we said no he walked away! He loved getting greeted and petted by everyone who would! He did jump but not to much! Everyone was saying how good of a puppy he is and how he is so sweet and cute! He was so tired by the middle of the party yet did not want to sleep cause he was afraid he would miss something! He slept in the new house last night and was scared at first but soon slept.
The highlights of Rocky's stay at the new house last night was the huge yard, the neighbor's dog and got much more love then normal! Life was great for him yesterday!

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