Friday, June 17, 2011


Today Rocky went on an adventure! He take a little road trip to my work and visited the residents! The little rockstar was awesome in there loved everyone and anyone he could see! There was a small downfall to this adventure, the rain :(. I wanted to walk Rocky before going into the facility but because it was raining he would not go so I had to hold him the entire time in the building so he would not have an accident. He is potty trained but does have accidents on a rare occasion. He was a worm the entire time I held him! He loved seeing the residents and I am sure he would of loved to meet more but there wasn't enough time. Rocky was a very well behaved boy and I am sure I will be taking him back to visit when we have more time! I also think that Tommy enjoyed the time away from his brother for the little bit! They love each other so much yet the same time they are so jealous of each other. If Tommy has a toy Rocky wants it and the same thing with Tommy wanting Rocky's toys. Also they love attention from us.

He is a perfect addition to our family!

Drinking from a taco bell cup!!

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