Friday, November 9, 2012

Happy Halloween From Our Family!

This is Rocky's first Halloween!! Rocky also got experience his first snow fall! He loved playing and licking the frozen goodness! Rocky has been doing just swell at home! Growing to be a big boy! He is weighing about 66 lbs at the age of 10 months! He is a huge joy to have in the house and just a total baby!

Oh the joys of puppy hood

Rocky has been going through more puppy behavior. He has chewed apart his plastic crate bottom, become more stubborn with listening, pulls more on the leash and is completely thought he was in control. I quickly put and end to this behavior. With him quickly approaching two years old, I can't believe how quick it went. I am happy to have him one with us but it has been a tough journey. He recently gotten allergies and broke out in rashes all over. He has switched food to more grain free diet. He still loves his grain treats but the food is definitely grain free! This has helped clear the rash up and keep it away.
Tommy has been learning some of the bad behaviors from Rocky but still staying good! I knew Rocky would be taught some stuff from Tommy but social learning reversed the roles when they got older.
I'm sure the boys are also looking forward to some Thanksgiving treats since its right around the corner. I always know they are waiting for some snow to start falling. They love the winter snow storms. Not sure if its Tommy favorite season since he loves crushing leaves.

This is what I feel Rocky did!

He loves his daddy's bowling ball.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Rocky

Rocky turned one today! He had lots of way to celebrate! 1. He got a KONG filled with treats and peanut butter that was frozen! 2. He got a monkey with a birthday hat on and a birthday shirt! 3. He took pictures in a birthday hat! We are happy this baby joined our family and will be living just a good life from now on! His life will never lead to a shelter ever again. I also want to wish a happy birthday to all his siblings! Rocky has sent out birthday wishes to his two favorite siblings Dora and Star. Hopefully they will be receiving their birthday gifts soon. Hope you enjoy the photos of Rocky's birthday!

Rocky enjoying the toy with his brother.

The picture of his monkey.

Enjoyed the monkey.

Monkey doesn't stand a chance!

Him in his birthday hat!

Sharing the spotlight with his brother.

He was tired of photos by then!

The hat started to fall of his head!

The aftermath of the monkey :(

Saturday, December 31, 2011

1 more month to go!!

Rocky is 11 months today. I am not 100% positive of this but when he got turned into the shelter he was around 1 week old. We are kinda guessing on dates but anyway the end of the month baby sounds great to me! Rocky has def gone through a lot already and I have plans for him to go through even more! Rocky has traveled far and wide to get to the state he is at now! First the shelter then being fostered! Afterward he got sick and was almost put to sleep again! Thank the foster mom for stepping up even more then necessary to take care of the puppies and mother! Because of her Rocky was able to travel the 1,300 miles to live a great life in the new home! Rocky has improved walking on the leash because of the easy walk harness! He loves going for walks and it is much easier now! He has also mastered the command of high five, beg, bow (kinda), and others. He loves playing fetch with his ball and can even tell the difference between ball and toy! He is starting to slow down and sleep a little more in the day time now! He always eats all his food and loves getting more! This year was truly awesome and getting him made it even better! Yes he is still a puppy and has some troubles which made me mad but he is a joy to have with us! Our family is much happier with him around!

Rocky and Tommy with Santa!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Time

As Christmas approaches so does my baby boy's first birthday! He will be getting many presents for Christmas possibly including a new jacket! Also we have to celebrate his birthday soon after! He is doing really well through! He is in the process of switching from puppy food to adult food (which hopefully will help his hyper behavior)! He also went to the nursing home today and besides trying to jump on everyone he did really well! He even gave kisses to the people there! He really was just a good boy and even through all the distractions he still did his tricks. He has learned many at this point too! He learned the basics of sit, down, stay, wait! He has also learned fetch the ball/ toy, high five, paw, on and off! He is really smart! He also has not gone potty in the house in months! The little boy has gone up every nicely!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Where He Is Now!

Rocky has been doing good in his new home. His favorite activities include but are not limited to:
1. Wrestling with his brother Tommy
2. Teasing his brother Springer (our rat)
3. Playing
4. Getting treats
5. Annoying Mommy

Rocky does not have any more accidents in the house unless he is super excited and stops once I say something. He is getting better walking on the leash and loves greeting everyone. He is still super excited when people come into the house that he jumps up on them but if I am there to correct him he slows down just a bit. He mastered the commands of sit, down, on, off, paw, and beg. He does these great when there is a treat present but he is stubborn if not. He loves drinking water from the bath tub but giving him a bath is like committing murder. He is a great dog and loves toys and treats. He is the best when he sleeps :). He loves his crate and wakes me up in the morning to let him out. He hasn't destroyed to much in the house either!  

I did have pictures to add but my phone had deleted them all :( So I am hoping I get more soon!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

10 Steps Back

Well this update isn't so pleasant. Rocky I feel has been taking 10 steps back on potty training. I thought he was fully trained yet he has been peeing in the house and crate more frequently. We have not changed anything recently except he is on medicine for a sore he had on his toe. He pees in the house when he gets super excited. He pees in the middle of rough housing (wrestling) with his brother Tommy, when someone else into the house he seems to dribble and he also has peed fully in the house when he just wants to. Besides this Rocky has been a good boy. He isn't to bad taking medicine and loves being in the vets office. He is really good at the commands of sit, down, stay/ wait, and stand. He is eating like a champ especially with stuff he finds on the floor (that's his favorite). I even took him back to the dog park and he wasn't to bad. He got a little to vocal for some of the owners so I leashed him to let him stay and experience it on leash and he was 10 times better! He did bark and try to join in others playing but when he learned the other dogs didn't care he laid right down and relaxed!! If there is any advice please help!