Friday, November 9, 2012

Happy Halloween From Our Family!

This is Rocky's first Halloween!! Rocky also got experience his first snow fall! He loved playing and licking the frozen goodness! Rocky has been doing just swell at home! Growing to be a big boy! He is weighing about 66 lbs at the age of 10 months! He is a huge joy to have in the house and just a total baby!

Oh the joys of puppy hood

Rocky has been going through more puppy behavior. He has chewed apart his plastic crate bottom, become more stubborn with listening, pulls more on the leash and is completely thought he was in control. I quickly put and end to this behavior. With him quickly approaching two years old, I can't believe how quick it went. I am happy to have him one with us but it has been a tough journey. He recently gotten allergies and broke out in rashes all over. He has switched food to more grain free diet. He still loves his grain treats but the food is definitely grain free! This has helped clear the rash up and keep it away.
Tommy has been learning some of the bad behaviors from Rocky but still staying good! I knew Rocky would be taught some stuff from Tommy but social learning reversed the roles when they got older.
I'm sure the boys are also looking forward to some Thanksgiving treats since its right around the corner. I always know they are waiting for some snow to start falling. They love the winter snow storms. Not sure if its Tommy favorite season since he loves crushing leaves.

This is what I feel Rocky did!

He loves his daddy's bowling ball.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Rocky

Rocky turned one today! He had lots of way to celebrate! 1. He got a KONG filled with treats and peanut butter that was frozen! 2. He got a monkey with a birthday hat on and a birthday shirt! 3. He took pictures in a birthday hat! We are happy this baby joined our family and will be living just a good life from now on! His life will never lead to a shelter ever again. I also want to wish a happy birthday to all his siblings! Rocky has sent out birthday wishes to his two favorite siblings Dora and Star. Hopefully they will be receiving their birthday gifts soon. Hope you enjoy the photos of Rocky's birthday!

Rocky enjoying the toy with his brother.

The picture of his monkey.

Enjoyed the monkey.

Monkey doesn't stand a chance!

Him in his birthday hat!

Sharing the spotlight with his brother.

He was tired of photos by then!

The hat started to fall of his head!

The aftermath of the monkey :(