Friday, April 29, 2011

Raise Money: All Abused and Neglected Animals or those on the PTS list

Dear follow dog lovers,

I have a question for you. How have you helped save a dog or ever wish you could? Well now you can. My friend is trying to raise money to help animals. She has helped me when I needed help with Rocky, she also has helped an animal in need but wants to do more. She does not have time to volunteer at a local shelter daily nor does she have the time/ money to adopt more then one dog. My friend Dina, this year for her birthday decided to ask for help from her friends and follow dog lovers to support dog's lives and give them a second chance to live. She does not want any presents instead she wants everyone to donate the money to this important cause. Dina has been so sweet and loving and wants nothing but to help animals.

Even through Rocky is not home yet I am sure he would support the cause, since he came from a shelter and was given a second chance. I am also sure my dog Tommy would support this cause since he was given the option to live instead of being PTS in a high kill shelter. Both my dogs are rescues and definitely are amazing. There is no reason why dogs are not being neutered/ spayed since the population just keeps climbing. If there are not like people like Dina, Me, Crossposters, Volunteers and Animal Lovers, how filled would the world be with pets?

This is Dina dog Cozmo when he was on Petfinder:

This is him now enjoying his second chance of life. 

Even a little donation can help. She will be donating money to help dogs get transported, pulled from shelter or simply by buying toys/ blankets for a local shelter. This money is will going to a great cause and will make a animal lover every happy! Please make this birthday her best one yet!


Rocky's Ready to Roll

The name of this blog comes from the email I got from Ruth! Ruth says Rocky is ready to come home! His surgery went well and he is feeling great! Everything for his transportation is in order and is only 8 days away :)
According to Ruth he is a little rascals that will be missed in FL. He really is the "pick of the litter".  Ruth said, "He's gorgeous and just an awesome puppy -- although he does puppy things like dig and chew ;)"! Looks like I am going to be in trouble :) This boy is almost home. Is good life has begun and I will continue to make him happy!! Please remember you can help!

Chip In Link:

His two siblings are still looking for homes!! Please lets find all these pups great homes!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

To all my followers Happy Easter/ Happy Holidays from my Rocky, Tommy, Springer and I! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for loving animals and showing support to us! Life is not always about what you get but also what you give! <3 Happy Easter

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Diego -- smallest of the boys in size, but playful, loving and out-going. Got into trouble today with Rocky decided to pull the astro-turf out from under the border! 

Dottie( aka Dora) -- LOVES kids -- especially the foster mother's 3 y.o. granddaughter. Very sweet, but also playful. (Smallest of the litter)

Dora and Diego together. Look how sweet and innocent! They need homes and that could be with you!! 

Email for more info on how to adopt one (or both) of these cuties!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

News on Rocky

Transportation has been arranged and confirmed! May 7th (16 days) m boy will be home! Also please pray for my little boy and his siblings! They have been sick with coccidia. This is being treated by the vet and should be better soon! This is a bacterial intestinal parasite. He still seems to be his normal self through. Supposedly I am getting the best and coolest dog in the bunch (according to the foster daddy)!! Rocky was chasing flies jumping all around acting so funny!! this boy has stolen my heart and I feel my Tommy is going to be getting jealous! <3 He is just so adorable but I definitely have enough love for them both!! My boy Tommy has been preparing for a new doggy by going to the doggy park and playing with other dogs there! Today he went swimming in the stream by the park with other dogs! These days will soon be joined by Rocky! Life seems to be good and getting better!

Please remember you can help!

Monday, April 18, 2011


Look at my adorable boy!! He is just so cute and adorable! Plans are slightly changing again! He might need to get neuter in the vet's office/ clinic cause the shelter might not be able to do it! Please help me get word out about the bad story with an almost happy ending!

 Look at his smile :)

Drinking water from his bowl :) Which he use to be able to like swim in :) They grow up so quick!!!                                     

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Please help

So I just find out that I now might have to pay for Rocky to get neutered :( He was supposed to get neutered at MDAS but they are supposedly closed still in that part of the building. I really need everyone's help please! I am just praying this will not push back the transportation. He needs to be neutered before coming home :( If you can help please do so! PLEASE I am begging for help from FRIENDS and FAMILY!!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Update from Foster Mom!

Update from Ruth:

Rocky has been doing very well with leash training! He was outside playing in the yard with her grandchildren (does great with them 2)! Also everything is looking good for transport! He will be coming home soon (about 30 days)!! Also I have started a new page for him today to help promote shelter and rescue dogs!! Also this will help promote his siblings!! Please look how cute these puppies are:
Rocky seems to be doing great- already micro-chipped, just needs to be neutered! All his siblings are still available and looking cuter than every!!

<3 Rocky's Mother

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Waiting Patiently!!

Rocky's transportation is coming up quickly!! On May 7th my boy will be in the state of PA!! I am super excited about this! My boyfriend and I are waiting anxiously for this little pumpkin of joy to come home! He supposedly has a laid back attitude which will fit in perfectly with out household! Rocky also has two other family members waiting for him!



Friday, April 8, 2011

Doggie of the Day

Rocky is doggie of the day!! This just proves how cute he is!! This boy is going to be at a loving forever home soon!! Please read this blog and chipin if you can. Even a dollar can go a long way!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Rocky has been doing good! And we are preparing for this boy to come home!! He has a new harness and collar! Dog bowls have already been here and the leash with toys will be on the next shopping trip!!! Slowing but shortly he will be here... Transportation had been changed so now I have another two weeks for this boy to come :( Everything will be here soon enough!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Hey everyone the litter I am getting Rocky from is still looking for homes!!

Star -- All-around great dog!

Diamond -- Laid-back and loving. Great with kids!

Diego -- smallest of the boys in size, but playful, loving and out-going.

Dottie( aka Dora) -- LOVES kids -- especially my 3 y.o. granddaughter. Very sweet, but also playful. (Smallest of the litter)

Joey -- a sweet bundle of love! He's the biggest of the litter, but so gentle and lovable. Very sweet boy!

Crescent -- Out-going, loving and playful! Wonderful with children. Biggest female.

Friday, April 1, 2011


No updates for today but I am sure he is doing just fine, he is in great hands. His foster mother celebrated her birthday yesterday and if Rocky didn't give her a big wet kiss (which I am sure he did), I wanted to make sure she knew how much all of us (Rocky, Me and my boyfriend + Rocky's future brother, Tommy) appreciate her! I also want to thank Marilyn and Leslie for showing me Rocky and helping me find transport for him. Without them I would never get the opportunity to have such a great dog.

I just cant wait for my puppy to come home to me! He is going to be welcomed with many loving hands. Not only are my boyfriend and I going to wait to see him but many friends and family are too. He will be welcomed into a loving family of grandparents, aunts and uncles!! LOL!! He also has doggy play dates to attend already!! This is going to be one busy puppy- training, play dates, meeting loving people!!! Seems to have a good life now!! Have a good night and pray and help with getting this baby puppy home to his furever home!!!

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