Thursday, April 21, 2011

News on Rocky

Transportation has been arranged and confirmed! May 7th (16 days) m boy will be home! Also please pray for my little boy and his siblings! They have been sick with coccidia. This is being treated by the vet and should be better soon! This is a bacterial intestinal parasite. He still seems to be his normal self through. Supposedly I am getting the best and coolest dog in the bunch (according to the foster daddy)!! Rocky was chasing flies jumping all around acting so funny!! this boy has stolen my heart and I feel my Tommy is going to be getting jealous! <3 He is just so adorable but I definitely have enough love for them both!! My boy Tommy has been preparing for a new doggy by going to the doggy park and playing with other dogs there! Today he went swimming in the stream by the park with other dogs! These days will soon be joined by Rocky! Life seems to be good and getting better!

Please remember you can help!

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