Friday, April 1, 2011


No updates for today but I am sure he is doing just fine, he is in great hands. His foster mother celebrated her birthday yesterday and if Rocky didn't give her a big wet kiss (which I am sure he did), I wanted to make sure she knew how much all of us (Rocky, Me and my boyfriend + Rocky's future brother, Tommy) appreciate her! I also want to thank Marilyn and Leslie for showing me Rocky and helping me find transport for him. Without them I would never get the opportunity to have such a great dog.

I just cant wait for my puppy to come home to me! He is going to be welcomed with many loving hands. Not only are my boyfriend and I going to wait to see him but many friends and family are too. He will be welcomed into a loving family of grandparents, aunts and uncles!! LOL!! He also has doggy play dates to attend already!! This is going to be one busy puppy- training, play dates, meeting loving people!!! Seems to have a good life now!! Have a good night and pray and help with getting this baby puppy home to his furever home!!!

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