Friday, April 29, 2011

Raise Money: All Abused and Neglected Animals or those on the PTS list

Dear follow dog lovers,

I have a question for you. How have you helped save a dog or ever wish you could? Well now you can. My friend is trying to raise money to help animals. She has helped me when I needed help with Rocky, she also has helped an animal in need but wants to do more. She does not have time to volunteer at a local shelter daily nor does she have the time/ money to adopt more then one dog. My friend Dina, this year for her birthday decided to ask for help from her friends and follow dog lovers to support dog's lives and give them a second chance to live. She does not want any presents instead she wants everyone to donate the money to this important cause. Dina has been so sweet and loving and wants nothing but to help animals.

Even through Rocky is not home yet I am sure he would support the cause, since he came from a shelter and was given a second chance. I am also sure my dog Tommy would support this cause since he was given the option to live instead of being PTS in a high kill shelter. Both my dogs are rescues and definitely are amazing. There is no reason why dogs are not being neutered/ spayed since the population just keeps climbing. If there are not like people like Dina, Me, Crossposters, Volunteers and Animal Lovers, how filled would the world be with pets?

This is Dina dog Cozmo when he was on Petfinder:

This is him now enjoying his second chance of life. 

Even a little donation can help. She will be donating money to help dogs get transported, pulled from shelter or simply by buying toys/ blankets for a local shelter. This money is will going to a great cause and will make a animal lover every happy! Please make this birthday her best one yet!


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