Monday, April 18, 2011


Look at my adorable boy!! He is just so cute and adorable! Plans are slightly changing again! He might need to get neuter in the vet's office/ clinic cause the shelter might not be able to do it! Please help me get word out about the bad story with an almost happy ending!

 Look at his smile :)

Drinking water from his bowl :) Which he use to be able to like swim in :) They grow up so quick!!!                                     

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  1. Rocky looks adorable I wish I could chip in right now but we are in trouble financially here and I have 17 dogs depending on me. If we get any miracles then I will definately do it. All the best. He's going to be a great friend. I will RT and share

  2. Oh, honey, I wish I had the funds to help, but I'm on a fixed income with two furballs of my own. What you are doing is so wonderful and I'm going to see how I can copy your link to mt Facebook page like Foley Pocket did. Rocky deserves the loving home you want to give him. He's such a cute pup. I promise that if I get any extra money I'll be sure to make a donation, but times are so darned tough.

  3. Thank You Blazer! I really appreciate it!