Saturday, December 31, 2011

1 more month to go!!

Rocky is 11 months today. I am not 100% positive of this but when he got turned into the shelter he was around 1 week old. We are kinda guessing on dates but anyway the end of the month baby sounds great to me! Rocky has def gone through a lot already and I have plans for him to go through even more! Rocky has traveled far and wide to get to the state he is at now! First the shelter then being fostered! Afterward he got sick and was almost put to sleep again! Thank the foster mom for stepping up even more then necessary to take care of the puppies and mother! Because of her Rocky was able to travel the 1,300 miles to live a great life in the new home! Rocky has improved walking on the leash because of the easy walk harness! He loves going for walks and it is much easier now! He has also mastered the command of high five, beg, bow (kinda), and others. He loves playing fetch with his ball and can even tell the difference between ball and toy! He is starting to slow down and sleep a little more in the day time now! He always eats all his food and loves getting more! This year was truly awesome and getting him made it even better! Yes he is still a puppy and has some troubles which made me mad but he is a joy to have with us! Our family is much happier with him around!

Rocky and Tommy with Santa!

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