Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Time

As Christmas approaches so does my baby boy's first birthday! He will be getting many presents for Christmas possibly including a new jacket! Also we have to celebrate his birthday soon after! He is doing really well through! He is in the process of switching from puppy food to adult food (which hopefully will help his hyper behavior)! He also went to the nursing home today and besides trying to jump on everyone he did really well! He even gave kisses to the people there! He really was just a good boy and even through all the distractions he still did his tricks. He has learned many at this point too! He learned the basics of sit, down, stay, wait! He has also learned fetch the ball/ toy, high five, paw, on and off! He is really smart! He also has not gone potty in the house in months! The little boy has gone up every nicely!

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