Thursday, July 28, 2011

10 Steps Back

Well this update isn't so pleasant. Rocky I feel has been taking 10 steps back on potty training. I thought he was fully trained yet he has been peeing in the house and crate more frequently. We have not changed anything recently except he is on medicine for a sore he had on his toe. He pees in the house when he gets super excited. He pees in the middle of rough housing (wrestling) with his brother Tommy, when someone else into the house he seems to dribble and he also has peed fully in the house when he just wants to. Besides this Rocky has been a good boy. He isn't to bad taking medicine and loves being in the vets office. He is really good at the commands of sit, down, stay/ wait, and stand. He is eating like a champ especially with stuff he finds on the floor (that's his favorite). I even took him back to the dog park and he wasn't to bad. He got a little to vocal for some of the owners so I leashed him to let him stay and experience it on leash and he was 10 times better! He did bark and try to join in others playing but when he learned the other dogs didn't care he laid right down and relaxed!! If there is any advice please help!


  1. You mean advice on barking too much in the dog park? I've seen many dogs playing (in the park or elsewhere) some of them bark a lot. Some dogs bark during agility. Some dogs are just super vocal, particularly when playing. If you're sure that there is no ill intent, I don't see why barking should be a problem?

  2. No Jana. Rocky is a very vocal boy and we are slowly adjusting to it! Barking is not the problem the problems I was talking about in here, they are him peeing in the house and him getting to rough at the dog park. His tail is still wagging as he plays at the dog park but the owners don't like him playing with their dogs sometimes :(