Friday, July 1, 2011

Dare Devil Rocky

So my boy is a huge dare devil. Today while going to the dog park he decided to not listen to his mom to get out the back of the truck like his big brother but instead jump out the front driver side window! He was perfectly fine but he loves to jump and run! He was chasing plenty of toys today in the dog park. We had to leave in a fast hurry through because Rocky gets jealous over his big brother. He does not want his big brother to play with other dogs at the park so he will start a fight with them :( He thinks that his mom would not catch him but I do. He also likes to start fights with dogs then let his big brother finish the job as he runs along to play! This boy has a serious lesson that needs to be learned.

1. His mother will not tolerate fights in the dog park.
2. His mother will not tolerate jealous of other dogs.
3. His mother owns a dog not a DARE DEVIL!
All his dangerous moves scare me to death.

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