Saturday, July 16, 2011


A little note/ update on the sleeping boy!

As Rocky lays next to me on the couch like a cat I write to you an update. Rocky enjoys laying on top of my couch cushion which usually ends up sucking him in when he rolls on his back. He is being a good boy. There is still much more training needed but he is slowing making progress. He now knows paw, sit, down, stand and in yet he is a stubborn boy (American bulldog) who does not always like to do what is told of him. Also he likes to jump up on people as a greeting. Little does this 30 pound boy know that when he is 100 pounds people will not think its cute, so I am working on stopping it. His brother and him get along great. Also Rocky is completely potty trained and crate trained! He loves to give kisses and more kisses, so I will also be working on a command to stop kissing cause not everyone likes them either! He has not had any fights at the dog park cause he goes alone now! He was starting fights with his brother there so I had to separate them and not bring them together. He loves people but definitely needs more socialization and experience around people! He is such a great puppy and a pleasure to have in the family. I really wish we were not so far from his family but one day hopefully they can meet up again. I sent a photo to his sister Star family the other day saying that when I talk to him about Star and his other sibling plus the foster parents he gives me kisses like he remembers them. This was taken during the time of my talking about them and showing him pictures on the computer. Tell me what you think!

Also I will be uploading a video and some photos of him from my phone soon!


  1. Awwwww.... :)) From what I hear and experience, many of the siblings are having similar training issues. Those of us in South Florida who are keeping them outside all or most of the time aren't having the potty-training issues of course ;) Dora is as tall as Jada (mom), so I know these pups are going to be BIG! Dora likes giving kisses too. I'll be pulling weeds and suddenly my ear is being licked! She knows sit and stay and we are working at come. When she jumps, I turn away and ignore her, and then give her one sit command. If she obeys I give her approval. The situation quickly improved. My biggest challenge with her is chasing the cats. A trainer suggested blowing an air horn to break her attention, which works IF I see her start going after them. But if she really gets into chasing one, she just ignores it. Good thing the cats are fast and have plenty of places to climb! Still, I'd like to let her have more room to roam, but I can't yet.

  2. yesterday for the first time star had a GROSE potty mishap. Pretty grose and you could smell is as soom as you walked throught the door. I'm hoping it was just an accident and not payback on my mm dog leaving and her having to be in the room and crate all alone. She will be all alone in the house today as we have to take tiny to petco for a few hours. She and tiny are great friends and i think it will be hard on her when he leaves. It's very hot so they go out for alittle and then come in the air conditioned house for a little break and we do that the whole day.