Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rocky Gets "Demoted"

So today Rocky starts his big boy no more puppy program! He started riding in the backseat today with his big brother Tommy. This means no more getting held in the front seat or placed in the front seat like the King of the Car!! Rocky did well on the two car rides already today and had only one mess up of trying to climb to the front seat. He doesn't seem to mind being back there with his brother! He is attached to him anyway! I mean to the point where he depends on Tommy to learn the ropes! They do really well walking together and are just great brothers! They love being around each other so much that if Tommy is not around when Rocky is awake he will not fall asleep yet Tommy surely has no problem! They love playing around and wrestling! I couldn't have asked for 2 better pups!

Rocky is doing well on training! His potty training is almost complete just minor problems still going in the crate at points during the night or long time in the crate. No more potting in the house through. He also knows sit, down and is currently working on paw! I decided to work on the basics to get him to realize his name and who is in charge! Next major training that needs to be done is bath training! This boy has had so many baths already in his life and he is horrible in the tub :(. You would think because of all the baths he would loves water yet it is not happening with him!

Here is a photo of this big boy with our pet rat Springer in his ball (who he is not fond of)
Also this big boy is a cuddlier!

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