Sunday, May 8, 2011

Note From Rocky

Hello All,
I am going to be making this short since I am tired! Today has been such a long day! I gotz to sleepz and annoy mom all day!! **wet kisses** Then mommy had a surprise for me, I got to meet my Aunt Chase! She seems okay but she has a dog around my size who I can play for now! LOL! I learned to run after a ball and everyone kept telling me not to chew and eat on stickz but they are yummy! Meeting this play mate was fun but nowz I come home to sleep. Mommy let me sleep in the front seat on the way home too- but do not tell anyone! I am really enjoying this home and it seems to be a great place to stay! Grandmoms house was nice to! I have lots of love surrounding me here!!
Thank you to everyone who follows me and loves me and got me home! I think I'll stay here for awhile- they got toyz!!

Rocky **Wet Kisses** **Nibble** (I'm a puppy what do you expect)

Waiting for daddy to get out of work!

See I gotz the ball!

Thats Logan and I switching ballz

About to go sleep next to my brother

Tommy and I- till he moved :(

Mommy just woke me up to tell me that today is mother days! Not sure what that is but happy mothers day to my momma Jade- my foster mommy Ruth- and my grandmomma Karen and my new mommy! Also happy mothers day to everyone who is a mother, soon to be moms, and my fellow woof woof moms!

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