Monday, March 28, 2011

Rocky Is Coming Home!! Please Help!!

Hello All,
My Rocky is one month from coming home to us! Rocky has been spending the past 8 weeks in a foster home with his mother and siblings. During this time Rocky and his family had some rough times. The mother Jada who was adopted by the foster mother passed a treatable fungal disease to the puppies. The puppies have been getting treated as the mother spends time in the vet office to feel better. The foster mother has put money out of her own pocket to heal the mother and puppies instead of bringing them back to the shelter. Without her the puppies and mother would have been put to sleep by the shelter.

Rocky is currently feeling better and so are his siblings and mother. Rocky will never have to see the inside of the shelter again. He will be transported from FL to GA to go on the My Buddy Transport to come to PA! This will be costing me $125! I have received generous donations already from friends and family already for the adoption of Rocky. I am now asking for more help. On the chipin link posted below I want to achieve the goal of $150. This will not only help with paying for some of Rocky transportation but also repay Ruth for the care she has supplied to the puppies and mother. She has spent almost $1,000 to heal these young babies. Ruth will greatly appreciate any help and so will I! Rocky and his family are lucky to have such a great foster mother. They were blessed by an angel, so lets give this angel some blessings back.


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