Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Old Notes about Rocky!!

At this age in was already given into the shelter with his mother as an owner surrender :( His owner did not want him, but I do :)
He was saved by his foster mom (Ruth Ann). She decided to take him and his siblings into her house and adopted their mother!! Ruth started to change his life around and I want to continue the change! 

Rocky is the puppy I want to bring home to PA. I have to wait until Ruth finishes fostering them through Miami-Dade Animal Services foster program for puppies. Since I live in PA. In March I will need to get Rocky adopted ($75.00), then sent to a vet ($100 & up) for a health certificate to travel, then transport to PA ($125.00). I have set this all up but I need to get money in before all this process can be done!! I am calling all my follow dog lovers and friends to help in this experience. I believe adopting a dog is better then buying. Adoption saves lives and this is why I want to save Rocky!! Please try to help me in this process!
Rocky is coming from Florida to Philadelphia to spend the rest of his life in our home with loving parents and brother! At the age of 1 week old poor Rocky was turned into the MDAS with his mother and siblings. Rocky had done nothing wrong but born into the wrong household with no one to love him. His mother was adopted at the same time him and his siblings were rescued! Ruth took in the 7 puppies with their mother to raise them to be 8 weeks old! In the middle of March Ruth will be adopting Rocky for me so he NEVER has to spend another day in the shelter again! He will then wait one more month till April 20th.  Around this date Rocky will take a road trip to PA to meet us his new family!This transport cost $125. I am asking for friends, family, fellow animal lovers and anyone to help with this fee! Your help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your kindness!
Rocky and his sibling really havent been having much luck. Besides their owner not wanting them and getting turned into the shelter, they developed mange. On top of this skin infection some of the puppies got ringworm from their mother. This story really needs a happy ending. 

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